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turkey & bean pasta

turkey and bean pasta I'm a get-your-shopping-delivered kind-of-guy. In a family where both parents work someone carrying the shopping to your door just makes sense. It has it blips, when some things aren't available, or maybe you can't quite figure out what 350g of leeks look like so you over-order on purpose, but generally speaking there's palpable relief when you shut the door on full cupboards without having left the house. At the moment Sainsbury's are running a "5 meals for £20" in a … Continue Reading ››

kinda sausage cassoulet

kinda sausage cassoulet Sausage in a stew? I'm there. Whether it's a pot au feu, a Sunday gravy, or a cumberland casserole, I love the instant seasoning hit you get from having a sausage do the leg work in a dinner. This particular one is Jamie Oliver's, from Jamie's 30 Minute Meals. It's dense and tasty, and packed with flavours. Beans, breadcrumbs and bacon? What's not to love? He served it with broccoli, in a tomato sauce. Which … Continue Reading ››