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devonshire splits


Apparently these are traditional – can’t say I’d ever heard of them. I made them to take round a friend’s house for tea and they certainly didn’t last like. Like a scone, but more like bread. Based on a Waitrose recipe. Devonshire splits (makes 12): 500g rice flour ½ teaspoon salt 25g caster sugar 1 x 7g sachet yeast 25g […]

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garlic baguette


Paul Hollywood. The man of the moment. Overnight success many years in the making. I remember watching him opposite Jeni Barnett on Great Food Live a decade ago and he was clearly a font of all bready knowledge. His patented double-claw-rolling-out-dough technique was well practiced even back then. Post Bake-Off, he is fronting the most appropriately titled vehicle for him: […]

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tiger bread

…Or “crackle-top bread” as Lorraine Pascale bills it. Is there a trademark on the name? Sainsbury’s are calling it giraffe bread now after all. Regardless, it’s the best loaf of bread I’ve ever made. Though it was almost never meant to be. I made everything up, slathered it in the rice flour goop and slammed it in the oven. I […]

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