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Lasagne recipes are like admitting you’re Spartacus. “I’m the definitive lasagne recipe!” “I’m the definitive lasagne recipe!” To that end, I’m not even sure I’ve cooked it exactly the same way twice. It’s one of those things I’ve been cooking forever and therefore patch the method from time to time. Today was no different. I went bechamel rather than cheese […]

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macaroni cheese

Utterly unpretentious, and a standby for all American moms, the mac and che’ is immense pleasure in a pot. For me I boil up some macaroni, then when it’s nearly cooked chuck in broccoli florets and chopped hot dogs for a couple of minutes, so they are all tender at the same time. Whilst this bubbles away I knock together […]

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cheese straws

Something of a Christmas tradition for these, me. I used to pore over Mum’s “Cooking for the Freezer” book and most years on Christmas Eve produce a batch of cheese straws. I’m sure the process would take about three hours and there would be that dreadful Dudley Moore Christmas film on in the background. One year, after preheating the oven […]

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