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diamond jubilee chicken

Another year, another royal celebration, another round of special dishes by Heston Blumenthal. Following last year’s trifle to commemorate the royal wedding, this year Heston produced a panoply of picnicky treats. I’ve had a stab at one here: Diamond Jubilee Chicken. I’m really not a fan of coronation chicken, the dish originally commissioned for the Queen’s coronation. For me the […]

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cumin chicken salad

Worktime lunch is frequently a source of frustration for me. Sandwiches are OK for a while, but then I start to go stir crazy at the mundanity of them. Occasionally I’ll have a salad but there’s a lot of faff trying to keep the dressing separate until lunchtime. Recently I was sent a compartmented lunchbox by Sistema. It’s genius: there are layers […]

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