beef chilli

beef chilli Sometimes you see a recipe on TV and you have to do it immediately. And so it was with Jamie Cooks Summer, where Jamie Oliver cruises around a festival and cooks a bit. He made a chilli with a big slab of brisket as opposed to mince, rubbed it with spices and then braised it in tomatoes for hours. Watching the tender meat pull apart with a spoon is guaranteed mouth-watering. I couldn't find reasonably priced brisket (what's happened … Continue Reading ››

lamb breast baked with onions

lamb breast baked with onions As previously mentioned, I love Simon Hopkinson's Good Cook series. And I love lamb breast recipes. So my only reservation is seeing Simon do this brilliant recipe is fretting that the price of lamb breast would go up. Lamb breast is dirt cheap, seriously cheap, so what we don't need is a primetime BBC programme showing how amazing lamb breast can be. And amazing it … Continue Reading ››

stuffed crust pizza

domino's stuffed crust pizza I love pizza me. In all shapes and sizes, the deep-pan Chicago, the bubbly and charred Napoli and even the humble takeaway. When the stuffed crust appeared some years ago I thought it was a stroke of genius; someone saw all those crusts littering otherwise empty plates and found a way to get them eaten - for a price of course. I always thought one chain had the monopoly but suddenly everyone is offering stuffed crust Continue Reading ››

halloumi, courgette and aubergine with tomato vinaigrette

halloumi, courgette and aubergine with tomato vinaigrette I was recently sent some recipes by Ocado written by Sophie Michell. Apparently they're under the banner of "Tweet Yourself Thin". I'm not entirely sure I got the concept of being tweeted recipes every day but I had halloumi, courgette and aubergine to use up so it hit me at the right time. And it's refreshing, zingy and tasty. It's intended to be a lunch dish but I added a wedge of baked … Continue Reading ››


panzanella I've eyed up a panzanella for ages, spotting a particularly nice one in Tony & Giorgio. Yet I've not got round to it, until Simon Hopkinson chided me from the couch to give it a go. I have no idea why I've left it so long, it's exactly the sort of food I love and the food I love the Italians for. It's a Tuscan bread salad with onions, tomato and … Continue Reading ››