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butternut squash puree

It's that time of year when squashes are abundant. When the glory days of pumpkins on 31st October are over there's still the butternut squashes, acorn, onion, gem, spaghetti... I've probably had squash three times in the past week, different every time. Whether it's blitzed for a pasta sauce, roasted with sausages or thinly sliced and fried, I am a fan. But I'd never made a puree. Ever popular with the Mastercheferati, I thought it was worth a go. I was very pleased with … Continue Reading ››

simply sausage ragu

simply sausage pasta ragu Here's a dish perfect for this time of year, but still doesn't feel like stodge-o-rama thanks to the amount of veg involved. The star ingredient is the sausage, a meaty banger from Simply Sausages. I used their No.1 Recipe Smithfield Original, a relatively unadorned sausage which gives the pork plenty of space for flavour. Mrs. Spud and I thought it was quite simply the best sausage we've ever eaten. The … Continue Reading ››