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sunday roast chicken with roast potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts

Sunday lunch is when you want to just go for it. I grew up in one of those lucky houses where my Mum cooked a Sunday roast every week without fail, and recently it’s been nagging at me to do this much more regularly for my own family. But my Mum didn’t have Twitter to distract her. Or Facebook. Or […]

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toffee appleĀ cake

A recent visit to From Donuts to Delirium had me drooling at the Ottolenghi cake recipe: an olive oil apple cake with a maple syrup-cream cheese frosting. I had to make it. Isn’t that what bank holidays are for? Ye gods, it was good. A firm crust on the outside with a light, bubbly texture. Soft and acidic bites of […]

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maple sprouts with lardons and chestnuts

Yet another ode to the sprout. This one is my king of sprout recipes, decreeing that anything inedible to some can be rendered palatable if paired with bacon. I wouldn’t be without these on Christmas day; salty, sweet, chewy, with the greenery providing an excellent foil for all that indulgence. Merry Christmas! Maple sprouts with lardons and chestnuts: About 20 […]

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