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my favourite cookbooks of 2012

my cookbook shelf, december 2012 I look forward to writing this post every year; a chance to reflect on the year's cookbook shelves. Polpo gave us a travelogue round Venice's cicchetti bars, Madhur Jaffrey returned to explore the UK's curry scene, and LEON released their fourth impressive volume. As baking fever truly took hold, with Jubilees and the like to celebrate, the market groaned with cupcake and muffin recipe manuals designed to capture Great British Bake-Off mania. It sometimes felt as though this was the only part … Continue Reading ››

veal potato pancake

veal rosti pancake with an egg Got veal leftovers? I do. This is a great potato pancake recipe that works with any cold meat, or even without! I've tried making rosti before and never achieved decent results: soggy, or tasteless, or not quite cooked enough but this recipe from Alex Mackay is the business. I've cooked it twice now and it's pleasingly consistent. It's another recipe from Everybody Everyday. … Continue Reading ››


tartiflette What do you cook on one of the hottest days of the year? Why, food designed for high-carb high-energy skiiing of course. Such is the life of weekly meal planning; what seems fine on a rainy Tuesday feels bonkers on a melting Thursday. But there it is. Seasonality aside, this was inspired by Alex Mackay's version from his book Everybody, Everyday. It's taken me nearly a month to read the whole thing, despite cooking about 10 things from … Continue Reading ››

burger with red onion and red wine sauce

burger with red onion and red wine sauce and saute potatoes There's always room on the cookbook shelf for someone offering midweek family meals done in an interesting way. And that's the motto of Alex Mackay's new book Everybody, Everyday. The premise is presented simply: take one mother component or recipe and then spin it off half-a-dozen ways. It means it encourages you to use a familiar thing, … Continue Reading ››